Tuition Info:

Typical Expenses:

Below is a list of typical expenses for dance studio students (prices subject to change)


  • Tuition payment(s)

  • $65 non-refundable costume deposit due at with the second trimester payment.

  • $65 per class costume fee due by March 1st. Payment received after March 5th will incur a $25 late fee.

  • Tights not included. TAC has tights to purchase for your convenience.

  • Recital tickets: $20 per person

  • Proper dance attire & shoes (leotards, dance shoes and tights): prices vary.



Due to Covid, all payments will be taken online (via PayPal)



Trimester billing - Payments are due at registration,  January 1, and April 1 


NOTE: Due to Covid, class sizes must be limited.  You have the spot once the registration form any payment are made. There is not other equitable way to do this.  We know we will have to say no to some students this year.  We are very sorry if that happens. Thanks for understanding.


Class Tuition Rates & Plans:

Each class is $245. 

  • Note:  See "Unlimited Plans" for multiple classes. 

UNLIMITED PLAN - for Single Child or Families:

Unlimited single child membership. This option is for a single child (no siblings) ONLY

Trimester $1200


Unlimited family membership. This option is for a multiple child household (siblings) & parents who wish to take classes.

Trimester $1,440

Please Note:

  • There are no refunds on tuition, but you may take ANY class in the same month as a makeup!  A great way to try something new.

Theatre Arts Center

Please Note: All closings and class cancellations will be sent out via the Remind group (@dancehappy).  

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